centre of the universe

You are not the centre of the universe, you just think you are.

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hope is pointless

Hope will not change that which is or will be, and much of the reasoning we might use to justify having it is flawed. To hope is to express a preference that, all other things being considered, one thing rather than another might occur, and that the power of our positive thinking may in some way affect the outcome.

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not agreeable

Reassuring ourselves the “Everything in the world is exactly the way it’s supposed to be” presumes to state that events in the world are directed by intelligent design, but this supposition is not an essential requirement if we think about the whole sentence in a slightly different and more accommodating way.

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I do not consider my views or my perspective to be narrow or myopic, nor my goals and opinions to be essentially self-interested or ungenerous. But of course they are, for I make the fundamental mistake of confusing what is my own personal view of the world with the nature of the world as it actually is.

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