the garbage

The essential challenge is twofold – to surrender both our will and our life.

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rights of man

Most of our judgments and opinions are negative ones. The way of the world, according to us, is essentially disappointing in nature. It has, by and large, failed to live up to our expectations.

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decisions. in principle.

What is a decision, and what sort of decision are we making in this case? The famous, elusive, and sometimes derided, “Decision in Principle” is at this point probably no more than a statement of intent, which is a resolution to carry out some action at some future time.

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please go away

Yes, some of us struggle with terrible challenges, but many of our difficulties are the epitome of ordinariness. But though they be mundane and insignificant occurrences, they nevertheless have to be met with a commensurately focused response if we are to contest their effect on our lives.

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