Posts in the Living category deal with an assessment of the way we perceive and interact with our environment, a consideration of the challenges we face and the emotional harm it does us, and the formulating of concepts that may resolve our difficulties and transform our lives. These ideas are presented as a set of simple principles. They propose that our lives are fundamentally compromised by our constant striving to control events in an unmanageable world according to our will and preference, to bring it into accord with the design we have of it, and that we suffer because we are unable to do so. It suggests, therefore, that we ourselves are the cause of our problems, but that changing our perception of the world is a heroic act that might transform the nature of our challenges and our lives. This requires honesty and endeavour, and the questioning of everything we think we know about ourselves. There are a number of clear and simple exercises set out for the reader in these initial chapters to illustrate these general principles, and an assessment of their importance.

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