Posts in the Learning category are a comprehensive guide to the written inventory that the reader is invited to undertake. As an inventory, it is a structured layout of rows and columns that demand clarity of thought and directness. Column one is a carefully considered list of the conflicts that remain unresolved and the people we resent, and the various roles they play in our lives. The second column seeks to clarify the fundamental cause of the resentment by discounting the superficial, convenient, and sometimes misdirected logic we sometimes use to justify the feelings we have. Column three considers and analyses those aspects of our life or character that were threatened, and the reasons why we have reacted the way we did. Column four begins the process of subjecting the rationales and justifications underpinning our resentment to rigorous examination, and highlights the often fearful and selfish motives behind our actions. Column five focuses exclusively on the truth of our part in the resentment. It identifies the active manner in which we have contributed to the situation, and our sole responsibility for the often deceitful nature of the resentment.

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