There are three separate conversation threads in this blog, divided into categories. They are 1. Living, 2. Learning, and 3. Loving, as summarised in the synopsis. The posts in each category are through-composed and posted chronologically, so if you want to follow the complete text in a particular thread click the highlighted category title. All posts are sorted by date, from earliest to latest, which means reading from bottom to top.

As the numbering suggests, the three categories are also arranged in a specific order. This means that posts in category three might make mention of ideas, principles or examples posted in category two or one. There’s no easy way to link to these, but referring to the synopsis, using the search function, or making use of the tags and the tag cloud should help.

To read the posts by chapter, navigate to the chapter summary page and click the highlighted chapter title. Since i am posting chronologically in each thread, a link will appear for each chapter only when we get to it. I apologise if you’re eager to read a particular chapter. Remember that, once again, the posts are sorted by WordPress chronologically, so reading the chapter in proper order requires selecting the posts from earliest to most recent.

If you have any specific questions about this blog or finding your way around it, please contact me. If you want to know more about me click here.


2 thoughts on “This Blog

  1. thank you for the kind words. i don’t know what kind of spirituality it is, and it is not so grand a philosophy for me to give it a name. what it is is for you to decide. it is spirituality, i think, if it embodies principles that you yourself believe to be spiritual in nature.


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