what changes is me

What “every thing” is it that will be OK when we say, “Everything will be OK?”

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blah, blah, blah

Pain also has the terrifying characteristic of making us imagine that it will last forever. We can’t imagine how or when the terrible feeling might stop because we feel incapable of stopping it ourselves, nor see the conditions under which it might do so itself. 

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hope is pointless

Hope will not change that which is or will be, and much of the reasoning we might use to justify having it is flawed. To hope is to express a preference that, all other things being considered, one thing rather than another might occur, and that the power of our positive thinking may in some way affect the outcome.

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please go away

Yes, some of us struggle with terrible challenges, but many of our difficulties are the epitome of ordinariness. But though they be mundane and insignificant occurrences, they nevertheless have to be met with a commensurately focused response if we are to contest their effect on our lives.

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