Blue seeks to identify and consider the true nature of our conflicts with the world, other people, and with ourselves. Its central premise is that the underlying cause of our pain and frustrations is our inability to accept that we have no real effective power to change and direct the world around us in a…

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The first section of Blue – Living – deals with an assessment of the way we perceive and interact with our environment, a consideration of the challenges we face and the emotional harm it does us, and the formulating of concepts that may resolve our difficulties and transform our lives. These ideas are presented as…

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Chapter Summary

Living 1 Emperor – An introduction about spirituality, and a children’s story. A declaration of intent that praises clarity of thought, succinctness of expression, utmost honesty, and practicality of application in discussing matters of spiritual, emotional and philosophical interest. States the author’s intention to speak plainly and simply, free of hubris, pseudo-scientific imagery, and poetic…

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