centre of the universe

You are not the centre of the universe, you just think you are.

It’s an honest mistake. This is truly how the world appears to each of us. But it’s still false. The world does not – intrinsically or as a matter of principle – care what you think, or what you’re doing, or what your problems are. It’s going to go on doing its own thing regardless, and you’re powerless to stop it. God, if he does it exist, does not care that it defies the principles of Life Itself that your supermarket is out of your favourite cereal. He’s busy with important stuff, and it is the essentially petty and selfish nature of most of what we struggle to control that betrays us. It should demonstrate that we are primarily concerned with our own needs, wishes and demands. To hell with everybody else if they are in our way. We are not worrying about the course of world history – we’re stamping our feet and demanding childishly that everybody does exactly what we want them to do.



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