rights of man

Most of our judgments and opinions are negative ones. The way of the world, according to us, is essentially disappointing in nature. It has, by and large, failed to live up to our expectations. Why is that? To be sure we have many good opinions, many approving and agreeable assessments of numerous fine things that happen in our world, but we compromise our acceptance of these happy occurrences in a profoundly simple way. Something is good, and you agree, if it meets your requirements and expectations. Your rationale is impeccable and your authority unquestionable, and under these conditions you are of course willing to compromise on certain small details. But if things are going well and you assume that it is yours by right and that these personal privileges are engraved for all eternity in the heavenly ledger of the Rights of Man, then you are in for a considerable disappointment.

Probably tomorrow.



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