about everything

We are driven by our egos, our intransigence and our fears, and we are presumptuous, selfish, and self-centered in making judgments about the nature of our world, and we do it constantly, about everything.

Learning to become aware of and sensitive to this inalienable fact is an important part of our recovery. Making the decision to do something about it is the first step. It will not be a perfect decision, because our enemy is a wily and resourceful one. Beginning only requires the willingness to acknowledge the challenge, the determination to apply ourselves to the task, a sense of encouragement and hope that we will indeed learn to live life a little better, and deciding to be a bit more mature about it.

I am sorry that I cannot think of a more intellectual or inspiring wording of this decision – this principle – than the two words of Let Go. But that is all it takes, so we might as well call it what it is.



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