you’re the problem

What’s wrong? It may be the result of either a desperately unhappy emotional crisis, or a series of inexplicable and seemingly unrelated little ones, or from the simple desire to live a more functional and contented life, or a combination of all three. Most probably it comes from the realization – whatever it is – that something just isn’t quite working. The beginnings of a solution – if a solution is what we will call it – begins with the simple premise that if our life is falling apart and we cannot do anything to stop it, then maybe we should perhaps stop trying. Doing so immediately transforms the situation, I can assure you. If our lives are unmanageable, we should stop trying to manage it. If we are powerless over so many events and situations in our world, then maybe it is futile to continue fighting it.

But not for the reasons you might initially think. This is not surrendering, and it’s not even overwhelming odds. You will require great reserves of courage, forbearance, and strength in any case when working the simple decision to find another way of resolving your difficulties. The challenge is so simple it bears repeating; the problem is not the world, it’s you.



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