making hard choices

There is no guardian spirit or higher power of authority that will validate the choices we make in life. No unimpeachable magistrate will confirm that we have made a correct decision, though it would be so comforting if there was. Much like our Hero in the preceding chapter, we have not decided on a course of action because it was the easiest option, but because it was the right one. It was necessary. That’s why it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. We must not let ourselves by undermined by the difficulties.

Like our Hero, we decide because we can – which is itself something to be grateful for – and because we feel we must. All we can do is think clearly about our choices, assess the implication of various scenarios, decide, and meet whatever challenges are incumbent on that decision with fortitude, determination, and resilience. We are making the best decision we are capable of at the time, with the information we have to hand. There may indeed be a time for reassessment, for re-evaluation, and a recalibration of our course. There will certainly be more decisions to make along the way – tomorrow, for instance – but the best we can do today is to make an honest and willing decision, in full possession of our faculties and appreciation of the seriousness of our position, and forge ahead.



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