powerful obstacles

Denial and misdirection are powerful obstacles. We will either assure ourselves that we don’t have a problem, or that the problem is not us. We will deny that we’re involved, and can easily identify and explain to anyone who asks what the cause of our discontent is – it’s Over There.

At the core of our difficulties is our ego. It is not only busy defining our reality, but actively involved in compromising the full implication of any decision we might make by imposing its own expectations and demands on the outcome. It harbours great reservations, and at the first sign of trouble will immediately take back the control we may have temporarily convinced it to abrogate. It’s important to identify and acknowledge any expectations or reservations we may have at the outset, if only to avoid either compromising the integrity of the decision or limiting the scope of it. These provisos are in themselves a form of control. They undermine the full potential any decision might have of affecting any real and beneficial change in our life.




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