unpalatable truths

Despite the best will in the world, we are always liable to undermine the principles of any decision for selfish ends or fearful reasons, and with a solid justification for doing so readily prepared. We usually do so because big decisions are almost always hard ones, and because not going through with it is easier no matter what we’ve decided and how necessary it might be.

But this unpalatable truth identifies the core root of the problem that we are in fact addressing – the misguided and fatal application of the will in attempting to manage and control our course through life, and the emotional harm and damage it does to us when we fail to do so successfully. It also highlights the fact (though this may be obvious) that we are not in some way separate from the manifestation of our problem. It is intrinsically and indivisibly part of us. It is, because we are so. There is no such thing as Over There. The troubling situation – like Dante’s beasts – is not Over There either.



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