a basic premise

The basic premise with which we began was that much that we experience in life is impossible to control, manage, or direct according to our wishes, and that our failure to admit this fact and desist was in large part responsible for making in so. If we accept this idea, and if we are to markedly improve the emotional, psychological and spiritual quality of our life, we are going to have to address the principle problem in this difficult relationship, which is us.

Such a decision is a heroic one, for it requires the questioning of everything that we think we know about ourselves. It necessitates the undermining of the perception we have of the world and our place in it. A lifetime’s system of belief has to be put to review, which is a daunting and overwhelming undertaking. Possibly the only thing simple about it is that all it requires is a decision. At first.

But that’s the thing about decisions; making them is easy.



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