how to be a hero

Accepting things as they are and being OK with it is a statement implicitly about me, not the event or the situation. Whatever it is is a physical fact in the world and our opinion alone does not change it. Physical action does, of course (and sometimes to good effect) but we can’t do much good if we’re a mess to begin with.

This is not an accommodation of convenience. We are not saying that we have changed our mind about it or surrendered to it because we have failed to overcome it. We have accepted it, which requires a fundamental change in our whole structure of demand and expectant need for certain things to be, to happen, or be provided to us. Doing so alters our view of the world, which changes the way we live our lives.

This is our first glimpse of a concept that we might term our “spiritual condition,” and the measure of it. The full potential of the phrase, “Everything will be OK,” is not in relation to whatever great struggle is presently looming before us; it’s about us. It affirms that we can change, fundamentally, to the point where we can adapt to and accept – calmly, resolutely and trustingly – whatever great and immutable force it is that is about to change our world, and the next one, and the one after that.

What can be more heroic than that? It was the title of this chapter, after all šŸ™‚



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