what changes is me

What “every thing” is it that will be OK when we say, “Everything will be OK?” There is something that has happened about which we are reassuring ourselves that everything will be OK, whatever the outcome. We are asserting without qualification that we will be able to accept the terms of and reach an accommodation with that outcome. But it’s not the thing that will be OK, is it? It can’t be, really, in any real sense, because OK is an emotional contextualization that requires our direction. It can’t be OK or Not OK without us there to decide that it’s so; it just is.  A physical fact in the world.

One key premise from the first chapter was that “what happens is not nearly as important as how I respond to it.” This is its companion principle: one infused with the vitally important quality of Hope:

I trust and accept that everything in the world is exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment in time.

It’s not surrender. Or failure. It’s acceptance; a resolution to admit clearly and calmly the simple, honest facts of a constantly changing and often challenging world and our place in it. It implies that what has really changed is us. It is our perception, and by consequence our measure of what is and what is not acceptable that has changed. Whatever has happened or is going to, “Everything will be OK…”

with me.




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