a dragon

Trusting that everything will be OK requires hope. We cannot hope to change the outcome or very nature of that which is inevitable, but hope is still, undeniably, one of the greatest positive life forces that we possess. Learning how and when to apply it, and most importantly, to what ends, can be a revelation.

This is a matter of some complexity. Our pain is a signifier of the unmanageability and powerlessness that is at the core of our lives and our living of it. Our attempts to control or manage pain often only serve to reinforce our fixed idea of why we are feeling it and what caused it. We are often fundamentally wrong, shouldering arms with sword and shield to do battle with a great dragon, one whose silhouette is ferociously emblazoned on the living room wall. We are riven with fear, yet hope to prevail and thus swing our sword with courage and hope. To fail would mean the end of us. But it is not a dragon at all – the sunlight is merely casting the shadow of a child’s toy on the window sill.

Do we see it? No, because we don’t dare turn around and look at it, and so lose all sense of perception and perspective or any real chance of dealing with what it actually is.


2 thoughts on “a dragon

  1. Perception is the key to most of our decisive actions and behaviours. Our own insight and self-actualisation provides a foundation to grow 🙂


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