why it hurts

Emotional pain isolates us from the world and our fellow man, leaving us feeling alone and abandoned. It is often because something that we have come to depend and rely upon has been taken from us, and we have no recourse to change or affect the course of it. It may be something very particular, and because our sense and understanding of ourselves and our lives has been shattered by the manifestation of something we dreaded but dare not confront. Someone we love might have broken up with us, we may have lost our job, or been told we were wholly without merit by someone whose opinion was important to us. It might have been nothing at all in particular that we can identify, simply a confluence of emotions and feelings that combined on no special day to overwhelm us and fill us with despair. In any of these cases we are suddenly detached from the very real and presumably necessary strands of connection, of co-dependency, that binds us to our world and others.

In such moments we may realize that it is not just how we alone see ourselves that makes up our understanding of who we are, but also how other people see us that gives us a truly complete definition of ourselves. Suddenly they are not there. We are alone.



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