hope is pointless

Hope will not change that which is or will be, and much of the reasoning we might use to justify having it is flawed. To hope is to express a preference that, all other things being considered, one thing rather than another might occur, and that the power of our positive thinking may in some way affect the outcome. That’s a definition of sorts, even though we don’t need an explanation. If we are of sound and reasonable mind we will accept that this is often nonsense. When we wake up in the morning we might hope that it’s going to be a beautiful day, but we cannot dictate the patterns of our weather because it is created by the seasons, the rotation of the planet, and the confluence of high and low pressure systems. Hoping that it isn’t is rather pointless.

Is it delusional to think that things might turn out any different than they are fated or meant to be, by the power of positive thinking alone? It’s not necessarily that it’s delusional, because in the sphere of possible futures what we’re hoping for could of course come to pass, so why not hope for it? But even if we allow for the objective, empirical and rational notion that it might actually be possible, it’s still rather ridiculous and irrelevant to hope for it given either my present circumstances or the alignment of the planet. In any event, hoping doesn’t change what it is or will be anyway. Context is important, and hoping that it isn’t won’t change anything.




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