please go away

Yes, some of us struggle with terrible challenges, but many of our difficulties are the epitome of ordinariness. But though they be mundane and insignificant occurrences, they nevertheless have to be met with a commensurately focused response if we are to contest their effect on our lives. Sometimes that response is nothing more mature than telling someone to fuck off. We will celebrate small victories if that is all we are afforded.

We respond to each and every one of these confrontations no matter how life-threatening, and which I would unhelpfully suggest we group under the general heading of “Life,” with a sense of Hope. We need to believe, at the very least, as a minimum, that things will turn out OK – that we will survive or be able to go on. We hope that we will preserve at least enough of ourselves to persevere, or that we will be able to reconcile ourselves to whatever effective compromise is necessary. If not to prevail, then we hope at least to find some measure of resolution. We hope that that person really will fuck off if we tell them to.

What is strange about these endeavours is that it we undertake them not even necessarily with a sense of assurance. The gesture of defiance seems to be important. Whatever determination or abilities we bring to the task are no guarantors of success, we only hope that they are, or that we can live with the result of our exertions whatever the outcome.



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