being brave and resolute

Few of us are oppressed by tyranny or engaged in a bitter life and death struggle for existence. Our battlegrounds are the supermarket and the sidewalk, the boardroom and the bedroom. How do we ordinary folk nurture the very simple and humble yearning that in our own simple daily lives everything will be or could be just OK?

Psychologists have shown that we systematically overestimate the effect that good or bad experiences will have on us. We are poor archivists of our past and even worse astrologists of our future. We make bad assessments and inaccurate assumptions based on what we think will be important to us in the future, about the effect current events will have on that future, and how we will feel about it. What we assume will be significant often isn’t and, conversely, things we fail to notice and take care of often turn out to be of great importance.

We are beset by challenges. Some of them are constantly recurring themes and issues of the same origin, that course through all areas of our lives appearing in many subtlety different forms and manifestations. They threaten our very understanding of ourselves and our world, our will to live on and our ability to do so. Meeting these challenges bravely and resolutely often reveals the very best qualities that we possess.



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