in defiance

How is it possible, you may ask, that a man can hope for a particular outcome, sometimes in defiance of all expert opinion, all reasonable expectation, and all considered evidence? Even if harboured only in the unspoken secret recesses of his heart, how can he find the strength and the will to carry on? He may even openly admit that the cause is lost and the project is doomed, but still he determines to carry on regardless, because he can do no other. He may think of himself as being courageous, or he may not. It doesn’t seem to matter at times. He may in certain circumstances be thought of as naïve and foolish to persist, but this also does not seem to be a prerequisite for the sometimes ridiculously held position of a man who has Hope. Indeed it seems that he is particularly clear-minded and cognisant, and emboldened and challenged by the task precisely because, and not in spite of, the very inevitability of his failure.

This in itself is admirable, but let us suppose that he then fails, as sometimes he surely must.  What then?

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