a problem over there

This is our domain. We define each event in a uniquely personal way, particular to us alone, and have an immediate, visceral, instinctually emotional response to it. Therefore it can be stated as a principle, once again in bold type, that;

What happens is not as important as how we react to it.

To feel fully confident that our world is secure we must manage every aspect of it competently and consciously, therefore no element, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, is allowed to escape our attention or ministrations.

This is an exhausting process, one that greatly contributes in and of itself to the stress and worry we experience in our daily lives. Opinion forming is a constant process of monitoring, assessing and adjudicating the occurrence and unfolding and resolution of events around us. When we are able to do so to our satisfaction – the opinion forming, I mean – we feel a sense of competence, satisfaction and most importantly safety. We feel that we have made sense of the world and have re-established our sure footing and orientation. That problem is over there behind that bit, this difficulty is to the left of that other stuff, and that other issue is way over that way below those two other things, and so on.



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