claws out

Whether we like it or not, whether we take responsibility for our part in it or not, everything that happens is in a sense “supposed” to happen given the existing preconditions and the interaction between them. Once it does, no objection on our part can change the fact that it did, or that our fundamental mistake is in then failing to make an accommodation with the fact of it and accepting it with as good a grace as we can muster. But we find this almost impossible to do; to remove our claws from the world. We presume that if we do so then we will not only lose control of its spinning, but also our sense of ourselves and the capacity to ensure our survival.

Every event, every physical fact in the world, is one that exists as a real, tangible, and undeniable presence in the world. Our assessment of these facts and what they mean to us is dictated by our needs, our demands, our expectations, and our fears. We then invest them with an emotional content – a label of being Good or a Bad – that they do not inherently possess, but which reflects our final adjudication.



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