the devil’s finest trick

“The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist,” wrote the French poet Charles Baudelaire, and this is true of our ego also. The persuasion itself is a fine trick, though it is ultimately an unsuccessful one and an ugly and unedifying sight. We deny it, and don’t understand the reasons why we do it, but we are managing a grand strategy; nothing less than the supervision and control of a world we ourselves have created. Our critical eye monitors events on the terrain before us, noting not only the arrangement and alignment of every piece, but also the movement and interaction of those pieces with each other over time. We do so because it is our world, and we are its architect. The task is one that we feel is not only our right, but our duty, for if we did not do so it would fall to ruin.

Events must unfold as we have designed them to given the narrow parameters of possible outcomes we have set in place. Men must act in accordance with their detailed instructions and the roles and functions we have assigned to them. We are inflexible and uncompromising in our ministrations and deliberations, and relent to a modification only when we are able to rationalise to our own satisfaction the exclusively selfish reasons for doing so. This is when it is our own best interests and advances our ambitions, or when there is the offer of sex.

This may or may not be a joke.



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