what do i expect?

We live our lives in such a judgmental manner, and it can be demonstrated in a simple and practical way by means of a short written exercise. It assesses external events and the extent to which they clash with our expectations. Done properly, it should do no less that begin to reveal the existence of the two structures of the world, and our failure to reconcile them. It requires only a small notebook and a pen, a relative thoughtfulness and sensitivity to what is going on around you and your opinion about it, and a day or two of observation. Straightforward, one would think. If you wish to give this task a name, you may think of it as the EXPECTATION EXERCISE.

It can be found here. I’ll wait.

The primary cause of our discontent is the incorrect and misguided application of our will. It is apparent in every moment of our waking lives and often haunts us in our dreams at night. We are ill equipped to see or recognise it as such – though the implication is obvious – and often refuse to acknowledge it despite it being imposed on us by unmanageable events. Nevertheless, it is true, it is undeniable, and it can be proven; not through some grand pseudo-scientific metaphysical theory either, but by how you feel being stuck in a long supermarket queue.



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