shit happens

Reassuring ourselves that “Everything in the world is exactly the way it is supposed to be” is a simple way of short-circuiting an often unhealthy preoccupation with our opinion about things. Those of a religious persuasion might prefer declaring that a particular disagreeable event is “God’s Will.” There is some comfort, i suppose, in consoling ourselves that it’s according to some divine plan. But breaking your favorite plate suggests that your God is either an obsessive micro-manager or rather petty, neither of which sound good. A healthier and eminently reasonable alternative might be, “Shit happens.”

No, this is not about God. But it’s not about you either, for if you experience the world in such a wholly self-referential way then who actually do you suppose you are? Of course not God, not anything so grandiose to be sure, but what essential difference do you contend there is? If you are not the benevolent Designer imposing your structure of the world on that of the real one by force of will, whose omnipotence is it that makes such wholly self-centered pronouncements about the way the world should be?



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