not agreeable

Reassuring ourselves the “Everything in the world is exactly the way it’s supposed to be” presumes to state that events in the world are directed by intelligent design, but this supposition is not an essential requirement if we think about the whole sentence in a slightly different and more accommodating way. This is not about God. It is about the inherently logical course of events given a pre-existing set of conditions, and our willingness or not to accept that their motion or their status at rest is explainable and understandable in an objective way. It is irrelevant whether or not these conditions or events are agreeable to us.

If it is winter in our part of the world, if there is snow on the ground and wild wind lashing the trees and dark clouds overhead, we would not be illogical in presuming – in “supposing” – that it is cold outside. We might be of the opinion that this is terrible, because we were looking forward to swimming at the beach and getting a suntan, but the terribleness of it doesn’t change the facts. Accepting this requires nothing more than a good dose of common sense on our part regarding our shopping list of wishes, and the willingness and courage to detach our own personal opinion and judgment from those events. Doing so thus prevents us from assessing that course of events as being unacceptable or wrong based solely on our own preconception, demand, and expectation that something else should be the case.



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