whose plan is it?

Constructing a personal vision of the world is a deliberate and premeditated act of forceful occupation, given the obvious need to impose that structure on occupied foreign territory. The effect in any moment of crisis is the shattering of that fabricated world structure.

We confronts us with not only a very real personal crisis but an existential one. It takes a truly heroic effort to begin to see the faults in our presumption and reasoning, and to construct a healthy and realistic alternative set of principles upon which to base a life. Here’s one:

Everything in the world is exactly the way it is supposed to be.

The knot at the heart of this simple sentence is the word “supposed,” and we cannot avoid discussing what that might mean and placing it in some sort of useful context.

“Supposed” makes the sentence as a whole a presumption that someone or something is directing the course of events in real time in accordance with a preconceived strategy or objective. The inference is that events in the world, the constitution of that world, and the dynamics between its elements all conform to a deliberate and designed plan. When things go painfully wrong in our life it is patently obvious that the plan is not ours. We would most definitely not want these terrible and difficult things to happen to us. That would be silly.

But whose plan then is it?



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