the cause of our pain

The unmanageability of the world is constantly in violent conflict with the artifice and illusion of the world we ourselves create. The architecture of these two designs – if we think of them as physical constructions – are fundamentally different, and the friction between them is the cause of much of our pain and frustration. We struggle, but find that our grip on and mastery of our own design falters as its structural integrity begins to fail. It is in conflict with brute fact, but surrender seems impossible.

Our response is to fault the propriety of the opposing structure, even though the standards by which we measure it are our own, and entirely selfish. To admit to its immutable nature would be to undermine ourselves still further, so we will frantically insist on the beauty of our own crumbling structure. We meet any reasoned argument with conflict and denial, and justify our objections with logic sometimes ridiculous and bordering on hysterical. We will rage and protest in abject futility, demand compensation, and seek revenge against those agencies that would thwart us.

What has happened may be wrong and unwarranted, inexcusable and unfair. But unfortunately it is also a fact, so such moments underline the fundamental conflict between the Me and the Not-Me discussed earlier. Despite our easy agreement to a simple philosophical concept (in principle), our ego in fact recognises no such definition, because the sum of our opinions and presumptions about the whole world compromises any distinction we might be able to make.



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