to indulge in despairs

Maybe women are inherently more sensible, or able to align themselves more peacefully with the true facts of their lives to suffer the despairs of a mid-life crisis. Maybe they are just too busy taking care of the practicalities and responsibilities of living to indulge such precious sensitivities.

We are speaking here, obviously, of a spiritual malady, in the belief that to consider medical issues would overly complicate the discussion. They can be briefly summarised. In women there is the consideration of premenopause. This is the natural transition period of hormone imbalance before menopause when the ratios between estrogen, progesterone, testosterone production can fluctuate and vary widely. It can occur as early as a woman’s early thirties. In men the name for male menopause has been referred to, if not officially recognised, as Andropause. It was first described in medical journals in the 1940’s when decreased levels of the hormones testosterone and dehydroepiandrosterone were measured.

For both men and women there are medically documented physical changes in our bodies that cause depression, fatigue, low libido, and emotional volatility. These symptoms are often exacerbated by the effects of poor diet, chronic stress, lack of sleep, bad physical fitness, and unhealthy environmental conditions, and goes some way to explaining the more general feelings of discontent, disillusionment, and hopelessness in otherwise healthy human beings of a certain age or stage in their lives.


2 thoughts on “to indulge in despairs

  1. Heavens, Nicholas – now you’re moving into physiological territory! Well, you now cover both those words that start with ‘p’ and end with ‘ogical’, eh? Whatever next? Hope you’re looking into ageing: I could use some of your wise words aimed directly at me. Hope you didn’t mind being named in my first post today …?


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