godless world

Our lives are fundamentally unmanageable. We discern the elemental truth of it in the character and profile of dozens of events both serious and trivial on a daily basis. Every conflict, disappointment, irritant, obstruction, and failure is evidence of this simple and undeniable fact. We do everything in our power to deny the obvious and blinding necessity of accepting the truth of which it speaks and acknowledging the fallacy and denial which it identifies; that we are powerless in the world.

If we were to accept this as being true then our whole understanding of who we are and the nature of the world that we live in and interact with would be undermined. The terrible truth is that we are engaged in a constant, complex interaction with a world that be cannot be controlled or managed, striving to bend it to our will and preference, and opinionating and suffering for our powerlessness. We can imagine no recourse or see any alternative. Nothing would sustain and protect us, and no higher power could save us, for this is a god-less world in which we do not allow him to exist.


3 thoughts on “godless world

  1. But, Nicholas … you are presuming that he does. How is it that “we” do not “allow” him to, if he does not …?

  2. i am not saying that there is or isn’t a god of my own or anyone else’s understanding, or that the world or my world would be terrible without one. my post (and the thread of the whole chapter) addresses the individual’s relationship with the world as he experiences it. our emotional response to events in our lives are determined by our needs, expectations and demands of it, and such responses conform to an image of the world as we want and wish it to be. but it is not. such a world, such a construction, designed by self will has no place for a higher power, being that the individual himself is the Architect.

    p.s.i do not presume that he does, margaret rose, but are you not presuming that he doesn’t? 🙂

  3. Making it “so” for us doesn’t make it so for reality. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” (Luke 23:34) has broader ramifications than the Christian interpretation. The life of a schizophrenic is as real to him as my ego life is to me but neither are as real as “reality” is. I believe it is in the not knowing that suffering occurs and to that end it poses the question is there something innate that seeks “truth”. If so does a will self-designed prevent a Will designed for Self and does our mere act of presuming (one way or another) deter from a search that would culminate in ‘knowing.’ The fact that I pose questions, begin statements with, “I believe…” shows that I know nothing but in that acceptance of not knowing perhaps there is a rent in the fabric of the ego.


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