don’t want to admit it

I am not, despite my best efforts, master of my world. I must apply discipline and concentration to the task of formulating my options and strategies, and exert great effort, guile, willpower, and determination in achieving my goals. It does not ensure that I will be successful.

I know this but don’t want to admit it, to myself or to you. It seems a weak and uncourageous act not befitting the image I want to have of myself as a man of substance and strength, principle and righteousness. I believe I know what is right; not only for me, but often for you, and the world too. I consider my view of the world to be a balanced and considered one. It fully accounts for not only what I am convinced is right, but also what works, or would do – not only for me but for all mankind – if things went the way I believe they should.

Or not.



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