not entirely unpleasant

Constantly reassessing my place in a dynamic world does not have to be entirely unpleasant. It may open up new possibilities and opportunities for the advancement of my goals, the securing of my lifestyle, and the pursuit of my happiness. But I am mindful of the dangers and difficulties and challenges that any unstable environment poses. It is a place that I am much less sure of, even if I am relatively confident that when I am not deliberately impeded or obstructed I should be able to safeguard my person, my possessions, and my ambitions. These are the things that I am fearful of safeguarding, and they are my overriding concern.

I might be sure of myself and have a clear idea of what my basic necessities are, but being able to procure them in this challenging, unstable and animated world is the difficulty. No matter how confident about my own qualities I might be, I do essentially understand that the world does not bend to my will or accede to my wishes just because I so desire it.



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