If we agree that the basic concept of Me and Not-Me is essentially true as we experience it, this means that we do in fact have a fairly rudimentary understanding of what “Me” (as the objective form of the first person singular pronoun) may mean, and also a relatively clear and distinct concept of those things that are Not-Me. The second aspect to consider is the dynamic between these two objects; of the way these two things interact, contrast, juxtapose, and conflict with each other. Though I may have a basically static and stable concept of Me and what I am, the world that I move within and relate to is made up of many different and contrasting objects in constant, fluid, and unexpected motion. Not-Me is much more difficult to define and categorise, much less pin down, because its content and character is constantly changing.

The problem is one of perspective as well as distinction, because what I think of as an objective view of the world is actually – and always – incredibly subjective. I understand that I am one of many independent elements moving within that world, but I feel myself to be outside it. My viewing perspective is therefore one that is ego-centric and personal, because I can see the world and experience it from only one point of view – my own. I am limited to looking Over There from Here. My understanding of Here is fixed, bound to, and defined by my very unique and personal understanding of it. Over There is unfortunately not, though I would very much like it to be.


One thought on “unfortunately

  1. That awareness of the ego is exactly what will diminishing it. I never realized that there is a way out of the suffering of the fear-dominated, egocentric view of the world. From what I’ve gotten out of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and A New Earth, my fear has begun to subside a lot. Cheers


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