in front of our nose

It seems relatively unproductive to investigate this seemingly obvious concept of Over There, especially when expressed as such a simple caricature. I have done so deliberately for I not only wish to speak plainly, but because I believe it is important to do so. It is essential to strip away the honeyed turn of phrase that obscures or excuses our actions if we are to get to the truth of the matter, and we will learn nothing without the utmost dedication to rigorous analysis and absolute clarity. If we are not able to think clearly about ourselves and our relationship with the world then what can we hope to understand – if indeed we can even admit that there is something to understand – about those things that trouble us? If we are to investigate and consider these matters we need a transparent, graphic, and simple language in which to do so.

Over There is an easy and vital concept to grasp, because it immediately seeks to place into some simple context the basic relationship in its most elemental of states that we have with the world. Most of our problems, after all, we believe are “Over There.” The first aspect of that relationship assumes that there is a spatial, physical deportment of two basic, separate, and distinct elements – most simply expressed as Me, and Not-Me. Everything that is not me is Not-Me. This is extremely simplistic, but suitable for our purposes. It is predicated on the idea that for there to be an Over There, there has to be both a Here and also a existent dimension of space – of distance – so that we are able to distinguish Here from Everywhere Else, whether it be a million miles away or in front of our nose.



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