who we are

The most essential things that we hold on to, of course, are the precious ideas we have about who we are, what we are, and how we think other people might see us. These things we will never let go of, for we control and manage our own image of ourselves and what we think our place in the world is. Without it we don’t know who we are, beyond saying, “My name is Charlie, I’m from Missouri.” Who are we, if we don’t define ourselves? If I don’t tell you who I am, what I “consist” of, how will you know? I can’t let you make up your own mind, because you are unreliable and not to be trusted. You might make a mistake – therefore I will assist and instruct you. You will respect me and admire me, and my needs will be important to you because I am a deserving person of substance and significance… It sounds pathetic but this is what we do, all of us.



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