the illusion of control

I can quite willing agree to any host of propositions, but the challenge is in the willing acceptance of it if it threatens the whole preconception I have of myself. We can admit that our lives are unmanageable, and we can make the commitment to surrender that illusion of control, but those things that we believe are vitally important to us we will keep in reserve. We rationalise that they are too crucial to our existence to let go of, and thus do we compromise the underlying principle. We can barely entertain the idea that it is exactly those most important things that we have the least control over. It may be the course and progress of your career, or the dynamic and character of your love relationship. We make the mistake of thinking that the more intimate a situation is to us, the more susceptible it is to our influence. We presume that those closest to us will be the most amenable to our instructions. This is on the whole not true, I have found.



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