no secrets

There are many aspects of our character and numerous events in our past that we just do not want to face. We might declare that we don’t see the necessity of it, or the reason for it. We might say that it is counterproductive, or irrelevant, or stubbornly insist that we just don’t want to and can’t be bothered. But these things that we speak of are real and deeply felt wounds, injurious scars on our psyche that we must tend to and administer if they are not to blight and discolour our lives any longer.

A man who has no secrets from himself and is not afraid cannot be threatened or intimidated. Most of us would want that for ourselves, I think. It is a valuable cliché, too, because even in the reading of this blog so far we may be struggling with a critical reservation; we might be able to admit that our lives are fundamentally unmanageable, but it is another order of thing entirely to be able to accept it.



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