speaking its name

This is the greatest power that can possibly be granted us; the capacity and the means by which to change ourselves. The gift that it gives is the precious insight to see the active and sometimes debilitating role we have played in our own lives. It allows us to fully participate in and be responsible for our lives, and be proud of it. It is an undertaking that requires courage. Those things that are most unworthy in us – the shameful, the selfish, the insensitive, and the manipulative – require an even more focused and uncompromising consideration. If we truly dislike the worst traits in ourselves and have resolved to understand and banish them, then we can only make peace with the truth of it once we have clearly seen the cause and spoken its name aloud.

That name, for the most part, is Fear. Therefore we must be fearless in this task also, and comprehensive and thorough.



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