master of the universe

An inventory of those relationships about which we feel most discomfort will reveal to us the true nature of our world as we have constructed it. It is predicated on a simple idea. Protesting that something is wrong or unfair still leaves us with needing to explain satisfactorily why that something is wrong or unfair. “Because I say so,” is a fine and reasonable answer only if you are Master of the Universe, and you’re not, so we have a bit of a problem.

If we begin this undertaking willingly and honestly, then this review will be a profound, moving and transformational experience. It will go some way to resolving the injuries we have suffered, because they have been mostly self-inflicted. It should bring a measure of acceptance and resolution, for we will see that we have not been unwilling victims of the world, but unwitting participants in it. The wonderful paradox in this – for wonderful to discover it is – is that we are not powerless in a cruel and unmanageable world. It is a world of our own making, and therefore changing the nature and character of that world is as simple as changing our view of it.



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