the deepest of wounds

Our history doesn’t just plot the journey we have taken. Even more interestingly, it reveals the foundations, the structure, and the very nature of the domain we have built. We still respond badly, naturally enough, to disappointments and injuries. If we are offended or disappointed by someone, we are hurt, of course. It is not always necessary to think of it in more than those simple terms.  The import and motivation for our actions and reactions take on greater significance, however, when we can no longer be satisfied with superficial explanations for those negative experiences that occur too frequently and seem to have so much in common.

The deepest of wounds and the most serious of injuries are significant because they threaten our concept of the world. This may sound melodramatic, but our basic understanding of what it is that we need and require, that we desire and demand, which we prefer and expect, all conform to a carefully planned and structured pattern. To describe it as an architectural construction helps us to see the consistent manner in which these requirements interlock, connect, and complement each other. They are impelled by our need to protect the integrity of the structure.


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