unresolved conflicts

In our inability to even acknowledge the existence of two compelling but conflicting realities we turn our ire and vent our frustration on those who inhabit – and represent – the structure of the real world and not the one of our own devising. When they do something we approve of and when it accords with our wishes, we grant them citizen status of our world and value them. The moment they do not, however, we respond with anger and resentment, and banish them.

This catalogue of unresolved conflicts is a heavy burden that we carry with us through the years of our life. It chronicles our experience of life and the scarred map of our emotional history. This map clearly shows the choices we have made, the opportunities we have grasped, and the failures we have survived. It charts with every unfulfilled wish and every thwarted plan the heavy progress of our intellectual and emotional development, and it reveals the architectural structure of our world.



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