a sustainable fiction

The world and our experience of it is in so many myriad ways truly not what we think it is, and neither are we. The architecture of the world is one of our own devising and construction. Any element – any point or plane – of this structure that comes into opposition with the world as it truly is creates a sharp moment of conflict, of disillusionment and anger. We barely acknowledge and only dimly see the real world on which we have overlain our own structure. Whatever the cost, we attempt to maintain the integrity of our construction. It is vital to our view of the world as we experience it, and our concept of ourselves.

This is not a sustainable fiction, or even logical. It requires a great surfeit of denial and ignorance, it demands torturous and exhausting effort, and it does not in any manifest way affect the world as it really is. The failure to deal with this elemental conflict has defined and blighted our relationships with others, and misdirected and warped our perception of ourselves.



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