being deeply sorry

It is a bright and unflattering light, there in the bathroom, but it is an unerringly honest one. What I think of that man, and whether I even like him very much, has become increasingly important to me. I see, for the most part, a man who tries his best. I say this without contradiction, in full recognition of the wrongs I have committed in full knowledge that I was doing so. For this I am deeply sorry, and for the unknowing mistakes I have made also which have inadvertently caused pain to those I wished no malicious ill towards.

These acts, whether willful and deliberate or careless and thoughtless and accidental, can be explained often by the ignorance, the petulance, and the callowness of youth. Explained but not excused, for I believe that some recompense is appropriate, even if not always necessary. It is in acknowledgment of the fact that for ever fault or harm, I am responsible – and must be willing to try to make amends. I have done so to the best of my ability, and with honesty and generosity. With purpose, also.



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