qualities of the highest worth

Let me share with you something of my own spirituality as I understand it at this stage of my life. It is simple and plain and is worthless if it is not practical, for I strongly believe that any set of values or beliefs that we deem spiritual must be of useful application in our daily lives. These values must be free of hubris and hypocrisy, and impel us to do and be better than we otherwise may be. This gives me a set of guiding principles to live by, and an assortment of tools to resolve and work through those difficulties that challenge me. On a deeper spiritual level it gives my personal ambitions a certain moral aspect. They include but are not limited to a sense of honour and decency, of compassion and respect for others, and of honesty. These are all qualities that I admire and consider of the highest worth, and are things that I would very much like to have in my life. It gives me a set of values and a guide to living life, and I humbly admit that I am in need of both.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. Worse still, I am dismayed to find I make the same awful mistakes repeatedly. But I have an ideal that I strive towards which guides and inspires me. It is an image of who I want to be as a person in as very near the future as I can manage. That image is not of a more successful person of greater material worth, nor higher in social status or held in greater admiration by his peers. He is a better person.



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