what sounds cool

My objection is that rubbish like this has no applicable relevance and no inherent logic or clarity, either as an idea or as a sentence. Not only that, it’s usually terribly written as a piece of syntax. As a linguistic construction it doesn’t impart any information or instruction. It hides the simple fact that it is incomprehensible nonsense behind imagery and symbolism of often bedazzling beauty. Either that or it is wrapped in fabric woven of complexity and intricacy.

Impressive sounding pseudo-scientific phrases of apparently great intellectual and metaphysical import intimidate the best of us, especially the gullible. Despite this, there is no observable, quantifiable, or even rational substance to the utterance that can be demonstrated in any way that is sensible or practical in our daily lives. It may sound like (and you are encouraged to presume that) the phrase has a long and distinguished intellectual history of which you are ignorant, but it doesn’t. The guru dreamed it up this morning over a cup of coffee and thought it sounded cool.



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