not practical, not spiritual

What dismays me, though it may say more about me and my limitations than anything else, is that there is an earthy type of humanity that is particularly lacking in much of what passes as spirituality these days, especially of the particularly trendy and modern kind. The loftiness of the glittering ideas seems remarkable only for their lack of practical purpose or useful application in daily life. I might applaud the beauty of the phrase and note the soothing and uplifting effect it has on me purely as a piece of writing, but I am often left questioning what it actually means and what it might be encouraging me to do.

One of the guiding principles in my own life, one that works for me whether or not it strikes a chord with you, is that if it’s not practical, it’s probably not spiritual. I’d note the word “probably” in that sentence, because I am unwilling to declare that I am certain in all cases. My mind would certainly atrophy if it was closed to any and all concepts that I didn’t understand. There are a lot of interesting things in the world about which I am curious enough to want to familiarize myself with. I am interested in this subject, for instance; interested enough that I wrote a book about it. But when I am exhorted by some Californian sage in a white robe to “Be like the flower,” and that more will be revealed if I send him some money, I am apt to question what that means. How exactly am I to go about being like a flower?



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