a lack of profundity, perhaps

Deepak Chopra says that “the only thing of value is our transaction of love; that being loved gives us strength, and that loving gives us courage.” Chopra is a wise man given to making many fine statements of a spiritual and inspiring nature. This one is worth repeating, despite the fact that in this instance he stole the quote from Lao Tzu. Often enough, however, a lot of the rest of it sounds like rubbish. I can stare at one of his bon mots for five minutes and though it all sounds noble and insightful I have to admit that, at least to me, it doesn’t make any damn sense at all. So many of these sonorous, inspirational exhortations seem to be either patently nonsensical or redundantly obvious. What confuses me even more is that I don’t understand the author’s objective in making such a pompous pronouncement in the first place.

This may indicate a personal failing of mine – a lack of profundity, perhaps – but I suppose that’s the way you build a financially rewarding career as a guru. You have a name to promote and merchandising to sell, so if you have to post something wise on Twitter on a regular daily basis then I guess you’ve got to think up something profound. A cliché would suffice, if phrased in a particularly original and refreshing way, or you could pinch something from somebody else. Because after all, how many truly original ideas are there about life, anyway? You can’t disappoint your followers, even if you don’t feeling particularly enlightened that day and have to take out the garbage and buy a new pair of pants. Maybe you could use one of those everyday images as an analogy. This might be a worthwhile approach provided you kept the bullshit to a minimum.



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